Shake off the bounds of Binance: discover CFDs on Bitcoin

As the Bitcoin revolution sweeps through the financial markets, more and more financial enthusiasts are taking an interest in the crypto scene. However, with a price of $50,000 per unit, hefty fees imposed by exchanges, and operational difficulties, the coins that were hailed as defying borders seem to have turned into the typical Wall-Street style assets. ROInvesting fuses technology and trader-centric design to bring back the possibilities Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and others via CFD trading.

CFD crypto trading vs. traditional exchange: the basics

CFDs, or contract for difference, are financial derivatives used to speculate on the predicted price movements of an underlying asset. That means CFDs on BTC won’t make you a Bitcoin holder but will allow you to trade on the rise and fall of this incredibly volatile asset. With ROInvesting, you can create an account in three steps and join the Bitcoin revolution promptly.

Direct trading generally requires a lot more time and preparation. First of all, you need a place to store your digital assets, like Trust Wallet, Exodus Wallet, or other crypto wallets available on the market. The next step is to create a Bitcoin account (or for any other coin of your choice), buy Bitcoin, and start trading. The most frequently chosen exchanges include:

Open account

Trading on these services requires completing all the steps described above, and sometimes even more. Are you ready to ditch this tedious process and try the new way of trading on crypto?

Bitcoin contracts for difference vs. direct trading

Trading cryptocurrencies via contracts for difference could give traders more market maneuverability compared to the standard process of buying and selling on an exchange. Here are the key factors to keep in mind:

Contracts for difference

Direct trading

No additional fees or commissions

Fees for every transaction

Strictly regulated environment

The regulations are unclear or absent

Adherence to top security protocols

Frequent security breaches on the exchanges

Almost instant transactions, no fees

Long waiting time, mandatory fees

Leverage & margin trading is available

Only the funds you invest

Better liquidity for altcoins

Risk of low liquidity for altcoins

Hundreds of other assets

Crypto coins only

Cutting-edge trading tools at your disposal

ROInvesting puts your trading experience at the center of focus. Enjoy a selection of features tailored to fit your needs:

Trading from mobile, PC,
or web

Fast deposit and
withdrawal procedure

CFDs on popular &
lesser-known crypto

Stop-loss & more
automatic orders

Dedicated live
technical support

Rich variety of advanced
analytic tools

Award-winning trading
platform – MT4

Latest information
security practices

The power of technology to fuel your trading

To fully enjoy your trading experience, you will need an efficient trading platform. Below are three carefully selected and cutting-edge trading terminals available at ROInvesting:

Web Trader

Fully integrated with the MT4 ecosystem, Web Trader can turn any device with an internet connection into a gateway to the global financial arena. With no preliminary installations required, high execution speed, a fully equipped analytical toolkit, varied timeframes, and more become available right from your favorite browser.


Hit the crypto arena, along with hundreds of other asset CFDs at any time! Keep your finger on the financial markets’ pulse with this handy app, packed with all the essentials plus a complete history of trades, customizable notifications, and dynamic live charts optimized for the smartphone screen.

MetaTrader 4

The renowned staple among market explorers, MetaTrader 4 will turn your PC or Mac into a robust trading station. All the key tools are just a few clicks away, including 9 timeframes, 4 trading order execution modes, and 30 built-in technical indicators.

Latest trading insight to fuel your market exploration

Even the most passionate crypto enthusiasts don’t become Bitcoin pros overnight — it requires dedication, research, and persistence. Most importantly, you need an extensive education center to hone your skills and learn new ones. ROInvesting is dedicated to empowering every trader with top-tier education materials delivered via various mediums:





We prioritize the security of your information

As an online broker abiding by the regulation of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, ROInvesting puts great effort into maintaining the highest level of personal information protection. We employ the latest data security practices, utilize firewalls, and store the files on servers in the SAS 70 certified areas, so you can pour all your efforts into trading without any distractions or technical hindrances.

Only three steps to enter the new Bitcoin era

Avoid the hassle of having to login into the Bitcoin wallet and exchange accounts separately — register in three easy steps and manage all your crypto CFDs from a single user-optimized platform:

Open account


Fill in the form


Receive approval


Enter the markets

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